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The following direct fees are collected:

  • Peg recovery fee. Only applies to bLuna token. Slashing events decrease the bLuna exchange rate, lowering the calculated value of a bLuna token. The protocol applies a fee of 0.5%0.5\% (configurable) to bLuna mints and burns whenever the exchange rate is below 11, targeting a gradual recovery to a one-to-one peg.
  • Lido operating costs fee. All accrued rewards are taxed at a configurable rate (after the protocol upgrade the fee will be set to 0.0%0.0\%, but can be increased later.


  1. No peg fee is applied to stLuna bonds and unbonds (stLuna is not pegged);
  2. The peg recovery fee is applied to conversions between stLuna and bLuna.